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The RAINBOW events and initiatives page gathers all the activities which are being developed for sharing, discussing and validating the projects results. These refer to meetings, workshops and conferences involving a solid networking..

“Strategies for implementing International Qualifications in VET Systems” - RAINBOW Final Conference

RAINBOW Final Conference entitled “Strategies for implementing International Qualifications in VET Systems”.
The event gathered specialists, researchers, vocational education and training providers and industry representatives. To address RAINBOW project’s final results and to give participants the opportunity to share best practices, to network and to be informed about the process

During the conference, the criteria and procedures for implementing the recognition of EWF qualifications at a national level were revisited during a thematic plenary session (Presentations available here). In addition, a hands-on workshop was organised to capacitate participants regarding the EWF methodology and to validate the transferability of EWF methodology to other sectors and international qualification systems. The Final conference was a key opportunity for strengthening the collaboration between European Welding Associations (EWF members) and National Qualification Agencies, as well as encouraging further discussion on the integration of International Qualifications in the national VET systems.

RAINBOW methodology: “EWF’s sectoral learning outcomes approach: behind the scenes”

EWF was invited to showcase the welding sectorial approach for developing International qualifications learning outcomes based, during a working session carried out in ISQ (Portuguese Welding Institute) facilities. The methodology used for writing learning outcomes, developed in RAINBOW, was presented and tested with VET representatives from Austria, Denmark, Finland and Germany. As a result, the European instruments for recognition of VET (EQF, ECVET, EQAVET), and more specifically qualifications based on learning outcomes were discussed. Adelaide Almeida, presented “EWF’s sectoral learning outcomes approach: behind the scenes ”and invited all participants to take part in an activity that promoted discussion on the different stages of the creation of a qualification and on the transferability of the methodology to other sectors. This was an opportunity to give more visibility to RAINBOW and to validate the benchmarking strategy with experts who can apply these results in their own countries.

SIQAF Conference “International Qualification Referencing in the EQF”

Elvira Raquel Silva represented EWF as a speaker in the SIQAF Conference, presenting RAINBOW project in this event that gathered decision-makers at national and European levels from the European Commission, CEDEFOP, EACEA, National Authorities for Education and also Universities, VET Providers and companies from the leisure sector. The project results were presented in a panel discussion entitled “Responses to the EQF recommendation for lifelong learning”, thus highlighting the need for transparency and trust when it comes to relating International Qualifications to the European Qualifications Framework. At end all participants were given access to the presentation through EuropeActive website, which promoted the sharing of information about RAINBOW, not only by the participants of the event, but also by the visitors of the website interested in this issue.

Upcoming the 2nd European Conference on Sectoral International Qualifications, 31 October 2018

RAINBOW final conference will seek for strengthening the collaboration between EWF members and national qualification agencies, as well as to encourage and consolidate the integration of International Qualifications into VET national systems.

The conference will include two hands-on workshops:

  • Design of New International Qualifications using a Modular Approach – register here
  • Strategies for implementing International Qualifications in VET Systems – register here

Celebrating EQF 10th Anniversary – 15 and 16 March 2018, Brussels

More than 300 people from employment, education and training organisations joined the "The European Qualifications Framework: supporting learning, work and cross border mobility" conference, organised by the European Commission.

Thematic workshop sessions

The RAINBOW project results were presented during the workshop on EQF transparency and comparability, which aimed at understanding “How has the EQF helped build trust and increase transparency and comparability of qualifications?”.

    In the case well established International Qualification System, as the one managed by EWF, the EQF has been an important tool for:
  • Supporting the modernisation of the system linked to shift into a learning outcomes approach
  • Mapping the level of the qualifications
  • Supporting the transparent progression within the system
  • Supporting the comparability and transfer of qualification at national level
One of the main conclusion of the workshop was that a harmonised approach for technical contents, in terms of procedures to compare qualifications in several member states, is required to guarantee a successful uptake by national education and training systems.

Panel of expert’s discussion

EWF director, Luisa Coutinho, was invited for one of three high-level panel discussions exploring how the EQF can support cross border mobility of learners and workers. One of the key message regarding the EQF role was that it “provides transparency in cross border qualifications, the fact that Qualification is defined using the same principles and vocabulary facilitates immensely the recognition of qualifications awarded in different countries”.

European Conference on International Sectoral Qualifications

The European Conference on International Sectoral Qualifications took place in Portugal, during November 15-16 and brought together representatives from the Manufacturing Industry, VET Providers, Universities, National Qualification Authorities, as well as decision-makers at national and European levels. For two days more than 50 specialists from industry and education shared best practices and learnt about International Qualifications, technology and innovation trends. The focus of the event was to raise awareness about International Qualifications and Quality Assurance issues when levelling them into National (NQF) and European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The Conference Guide, the final programme as well as the plenary session presentations are available here.
The workshop results will come soon!

RAINBOW presentation in the 42nd EQF Advisory Group Meeting - 5th October

EWF was invited to discuss Quality Assurance in International Qualifications with a panel of Ministerial representatives from the Members States and European Bodies, such as European Commission, Council of Europe, ETF, CEDEFOP among others. In the framework of the RAINBOW presentation (Full presentation – available here), important topics were highlighted, namely:

  • the role and important of International Qualifications in the European context;
  • the added value of International Qualifications to relate to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)
  • the Quality criteria and procedures for International Qualifications to relate to the EQF
  • the relationship between National Qualification Agencies and International Qualifications
Since, the core of the European Council Recommendation for EQF (2017) ( remains for National Qualification to refer to the EQF, the main conclusions are that clear criteria, rules and requirements should be accepted by all to guarantee Quality of International Qualifications to reference into National Qualifications Frameworks and into the EQF.
(Read full EQF Advisory Group meeting presentation about RAINBOW - Pilot Project on International Qualifications and Quality Assurance)

RAINBOW meeting – 12th September

On 12th September the RAINBOW project results were presented during a joint meeting with the EACEA and DG Employment and Social Affaires & Inclusion. As the project is at it’s mid-term, this was an excellent opportunity to discuss the main achievements, core activities and challenges ahead in relating International Qualifications to the EQF. The Project is on the good track for enhancing Quality Assurance and transparency of skills and qualifications at European Level.

Highlights - European Conference on Sectoral International Qualifications

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Up comming - 2nd project meeting 12.9.2017, in Brussels, Belgium

Project meeting with EACEA and DG Employment

On the 28th of March, the 1st project meeting with the EACEA and DG Employment was held in Brussels, Belgium. The purpose of the meeting was to present the EWF qualification system and for discussing the EC expectation regarding the project key activities. The major focus was given to the “Criteria for International Sectorial Qualifications” and the “EWF methodology for defining learning outcomes”. The meeting ended with a common reflection on the future activities and major challenges of the project.

Workshop – “Aligning International Qualifications with EU Tools and Policies”

On 27th of January, EWF hosted a workshop, in Porto Salvo, Portugal with a panel of international experts in Welding and EU Policies. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the latest vocational education and training (VET) developments and to reflect on future scenarios in relation to the European tools and their use in the sector. Another discussed topic on the agenda was the possibility of using the EWF Quality Assurance System as best practice example to benchmarking with other international qualifications.