Project Impacts

RAINBOW Objectives

The Rainbow project has showcased the EWF Qualification System to create a common methodology to align the main European Welding Qualifications, from the craftsman to the engineer, with the NQF and EQF, from level 2 to 7.
Another objective has been the establishment and validation with relevant stakeholders of criteria and procedures for the referencing process of International Qualifications to the NQF, thus to the EQF.
And finally, building trust regarding the European Welding Core Profiles/Qualifications (EW, EWP, EWS, EWT and EWE) and its Quality Assurance system, through the development of a strategy for transferring the methodology to other sectors and technologies, as well for recommending actions for the uptake of qualification in National VET Systems.

  • Develop criteria relating the International Welding Qualifications to the NQF/EQF ;
  • Relate international qualifications to the NQF/ EQF in the Welding sector by addressing all levels of the European Welding Qualifications:

  • Establish a common methodology for the definition of learning outcomes (LOs) and standard procedures to align the Welding International Qualifications with the NQF/EQF.
  • Create a ground of trust regarding the European Welding Core Profiles and Qualifications (EW, EWP, EWS, EWT and EWE) in order to support recognition